For Work at Essays and Observations

Fotos by Ulf Dieter


Title: Pallet
Materials: Lochplatten (Pegboard)
Dimensions: 59 x 94 x 14 cm (2011)

Bucket Mould (Silver)

Title: Bucket Mould (Silver)
Materials: Plaster, iron powder, timber and Artestone
Dimensions: 45 x 47 x 48 cm (2011)

These objects were in response to the issue of how an object becomes as art object, as posed by the curators at Essays and Observationsin Berlin:

For the seventh exhibition at Essays and Observations, we have decided to look at problems around presentation and representation, and the Benjaminian concept of “aura.” In our second show, “The Mistake,” in September 2010, we gathered together different opinions on how a particular object stemming from an artistic context actually becomes an “art object.” This show made clear how some objects carry their context with them, and that some do not.

Concrete Barrier 3200mm x 960mm x 460mm

Concrete Barrier 3200mm x 960mm x 460mm Concrete Barrier 3200mm x 960mm x 460mm (take down)

This replica of an anti-terrorist barrier was created around the time of of the London bombings in 2005. The object slowly dries out and crumbles during the exhibition.
It was cast in situ using two tonnes of silver sand mixed with a small amount of bentonite clay to bond it.The sliver sand/bentonite mixture is traditionally used as a the mould for large scale bronze casting.Materials: silver sand, bentonite clay.Materials; Silver sand, Bentonite clay
Dimensions: 3.2m x 4.6m 0.96m Shown at Gagosian London in 2005.

Studio Work

Fotos by Ulf Dieter

Untitled (Trolley+Legs)

Untitled (Trolley+Legs)

Detail from Untitled (Trolley+Legs)

Title: Untitled (Trolley + Legs)
Materials: DDR toy trolley, mirror tiles, ceramic.
Dimensions: 107cmm x 76cm x 60cm
Pedigree Doubled

Pedigree Doubled

Title: Pedigree Doubled
Materials: polyurethane foam, picnic blanket, battery operated mechanism.
Dimensions: 48 x 58 x 74cm

Unfired Woman

Title: Unfired Woman
Materials: unfired clay, found timber, fibre-glass
Dimensions: 92 x 123 x 26 cm




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