Dependent Rational Animals

At Towner in Eastbourne until 22 September 2013. This is a collaborative project with Roxy Walsh.
A description of our concept and proposal can be found on our project website at Dependent Rational Animals.
See Towner for information about visiting the museum.


More Images from the exhibition

Photos by Alison Bettles


Materials used in the work The central tower (4.5m x 5m x 5m) is a timber frame covered with leather fibre fabric shingle. This material is usually used for book binding and is made in a similar way to paper as leather scraps are shredded, compressed and then bonded together with a silicon glue. The igloo (2.5m x 4m x 4m if closed) is a timber-framed nine sided dome with insulation and wool laid over the outside. The sphere is highly pigmented ceramic powder (Artestone) on canvas.


IGLOO at Globe Gallery Newcastle

Leading up to the main exhibition at Towner, we were able to create two smaller versions of our concept. The installation at Globe included a single object to support, obscure and shelter the paintings. This was an unfolded nine sided dome, constructed from timber, insulation and wool underfelt.
All photos courtesy Colin Davison at Rosella Studios.





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