Active Objects


The indeterminate herbivore is lifted through a height of 4m before being dropped to the ground. The action pauses intermittently, causing the object to be left suspended in the air or dumped on the ground.

Materials: Loft insulation, refuse sacks, chain-driven, mechanism, timer
Dimensions variable (2007)


YouTube channel showing all Active Objects

Catalogue essay for Delivey by Vincent Honoré



The quivering dog is based on a French Bulldog, upscaled by 50%. Its body cavity contains a spinning weight causing the dog to vibrate.

Materials: polyurethane foam, battery-operated mechanism
Dimensions: 65cm x 45cm x 80cm (2005)

Plate Fall

The plates are pushed off the table sporadically during the opening and continued through the exhibition.

Materials: crockery, table, motor, timer.
Dimensions: variable (2004)


A rabbit constructed around a desk fan. Friction between the wheels and the floor stop the object moving around the space so the next version should have a bigger fan, lighter body and better wheels.

Materials: desk fan, insulation, chicken wire
Dimensions: 70cm x 40cm x 80cm (2007)


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